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Small and Medium sized Businesses are the heartbeat of our community. At Cyber Node we are passionate about securing your digital world. While cyber threats can be complex, we believe in keeping solutions straightforward for you, ensuring that you can focus on what you do best: running your business. Let's explore how we safeguard your operations:
Vulnerability Assessment / Penetration Testing
White / Grey / Black Box Penetration Testing
Web Application Penetration Testing
Firewall configuration review
IoT Devices Penetration Testing
Vulnerability Assessment / Penetration Testing
OT Cyber Security Services
OT Network Security Policy - Review & Development
OT Cyber Security - Current State Assessment
OT Incident Response Plan & OT Incident Response Playbook
OT Incident Management - Tabletop Exercises
OT Cyber Security Services
ACSC - Australian Standards
Essential 8 Maturity Model - Assessment & Reporting
Top 37 Mitigation Strategies - Assessment & Reporting
ASD ISM (Information Security Manual) Assessment
AWS Cloud Security
AWS Well-Architected Framework assessment & remediation
IAM review with principle of least privilege (PoLP)
Web Applications Security Assessment & Cloud Migration (data & workloads)
Cloud Security
Curious about how we can fortify your business?
Give us a shout! We’re just around the corner, always eager to chat, and always committed to safeguarding your digital realm. Let CyberNode be your trusted partner in this cyber journey.